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Bilateral Business Meetings in Algeria Bilateral Business Meetings in Algeria / 13.11.2010
In recent years due to modernization of agriculture and heavy industry,  Algeria has managed to become the second largest economy in Africa. An OPEC member Algeria re-establishes the infrastructure of the country with oil and natural gas revenues. We made recycled bilateral business talks and also obtained some oppurtunities to have informations about improved commercial market.
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Libyan 4BIGFOUR Fair Libyan 4BIGFOUR Fair / 29.10.2010
We attended 4BigFour fair in Libyan capital, Tripoli, between 25 and 28 October with stainless steel door handles.
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Business Trip To Iran Business Trip To Iran / 18.06.2010
We organized travel to Iran to see details of the Iranian market in place. Tehran the capital of Iran, continues to evolving with high quality products and services  that supporting from Turkiye. Iran is a very important market for Turkiye, it is developing on a multi-sector. When we consider the political relationship between Iran and Turkiye, the commercial investment in a period also should be considered. 
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